About Us

Insan Medika is home health care service provider who also aim to develop human resources qualities.Overflowing skilled yet unemployed health graduates are our basic motivation to be the bridge of their bright future career path. We would love to help health impairment individuals as much as possible in our health home care services. Our employers basically is a family because we work together with love and care yet dedicated to do the best.
Our family members comes from different health education background such as vocational health high school, certified nurse, associate degree in nursing, bachelor of nursing and also midwife. With different capability we offer delicate and unexceptional health home care service, even more than that we have trained and educated everyone to be able to work as an assistant doctor or even as permanent employer in clinic and hospital.

Our Vision

  • Become the best care-service provider in Indonesia
  • Expand our service in international market
  • Give our full supports and inspiration to our surroundings
  • Keep providing the best human resources quality and supporting the markets’ demands by our technological dynamics

Our Mission

  • Provide the best health care service for people who preferred to be taken care of at home around their loved ones.
  • Keep gathering all of the skilful, trained, and integrated health graduates who will do their best and keep the positive and hardworking attitude to reach clients’ best expectations.
  • Embed the values of tolerant, humanity, justice, and family-friendly to all of our employees as well as support their development in terms of soft skills and hard skills to help their improvements for their future endeavour.
  • Improve the technological capability of our services and employees.
  • Reach wider national and international partnerships as well as gaining more governmental support.

Kenapa Memilih Kami?

Kami memiliki nilai lebih untuk ditawarkan kepada Anda yang tidak ada ditempat lain

Brand Awarness

Kami adalah perusahaan yang memiliki brand awarness yang tinggi Yang Diakui Baik Skala Nasional dan Internasional serta Mendapatkan Kepercayaan Penuh dari User Kami

Pengalaman & Profesional

Kami telah berpengalaman dalam memberikan layanan Home Care. Sebagai salah satu pionir perintis layanan Home care berbasis digital di Indonesia yang didukung oleh team dan staff yang profesional.

Mudah & Cepat

Layanan yang kami berikan dapat diakses dengan mudah seta didukung oleh kecepatan dan ketepatan layanan.

Responsif & Pengaduan 24 Jam

Salah satu keunggulan yang kami tawarkan adalah respon pengaduan yang cepat dalam setiap permasalahan serta pengaduan yang dapat diakses 24/7 non stop.

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Office Boy

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